Intelligent Enterprise Mobility

We are a technological platform of integral mobility for companies.

We offer solutions that improve the mobility of employees on their daily commute to the workplace while also managing your car parks more efficiently.


Our Services


Share a vehicle while networking at the same time.


We manage your parking spaces efficiently.

Alternative Solutions

If you prefer a shuttle, we can provide one.

Reports and analysis

Follow your CO2 footprint & other statistics.

Benefits of using GouBlue

GouBlue benefits both your employees and the company.


Save time in your daily commute.


Save money by sharing the expenses with other users.


By sharing a car, your employees actively contribute to reducing pollution in your city.

Check out the App

We offer a large number of utilities for your employees to
get the most out of it.


The GouBlue team is always ready to help you. Questions? Suggestions? Contact us!

Easy to use

The GouBlue environment is simple, intuitive, and allows you to quickly publish or join new journeys.


Receive notifications about travel status, payments, and more.


Chat with the members of your trip at any moment.

Multiple trips

Take advantage of the variety of trips published by your work colleagues or people working near you.


Make your payments through the App.

Learn more about GouBlue

Our Team

GouBlue is a Spanish start-up created at the beginning of 2019 with the aim of offering more efficient mobility alternatives to companies and their employees, improving mobility in urban areas and reducing pollution in our cities.


If you any question or suggestion please email us: